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Directions To High Schools


Balboa – 1000 Cayuga Ave.  Take 280 to Geneva.  Go east on Geneva to Cayuga.  Go left two blocks to school.  Gym is through front gate, through first door on left and up stairs. 
Burton – 400 Mansell.  Take 101 South to Paul Ave.  Go straight up the hill to Bowdoin and turn right.  Go to Olmstead and turn right and drive to school.
Galileo – 1150 Francisco Street.  Take Van Ness North to Francisco and turn right.  Gym is inside school: enter main gate, go through door on left to enter main building and gym is on first floor at end of first corridor on the left.  Note: there is another gym on Bay Street; that gym is not used for interscholastic play.
ISA – 655 DeHaro Street.  Take 280 to Mariposa and go west to DeHaro.  Go south to 19th St.  The school is on the corner with the gym in the back of the school.  Enter from the 19th St. gate. 
Jordan - 325 LaGrande Street.  Take 280 to Geneva and go east to Mission Street.  Take Mission Street to Brazil and go east on Brazil to the school.  The gym is in the back parking lot.
Lincoln – 2162 – 24th Ave.  Take 19th Ave. and go west on Taraval.  Turn right on 24th Ave. and go two blocks up hill to the school (gym is through main driveway entrance and first door on right).
Lowell – 1101 Eucalyptus Drive.  Take 19th Ave.  Go west on Eucalyptus to the school.  Enter the main driveway, which is the first driveway to the west of the main building.  Proceed down the driveway to the parking lot.  The gym is at the end of the second cul de sac to the left of the driveway entrance.
Marshall – 45 Conkling Street.  Take 101 to Silver Ave.  Go east on Silver.  Turn right on Conkling.  Take Conkling to driveway on the west side of the school.  Enter driveway and park in lot at the end of the driveway.  The driveway will loop behind the school.  The gym is at the far end of the parking lot. 
Mission – 18th and Dolores.  Take Market to Church, turn left and go to 18th.  Alt. route is Fillmore Street going South.  Fillmore turns into Church.  From the South, take 280 North to San Jose.  Turn right on Church and go to 18th. 
O’Connell – 2355 Folsom Street.  Take Van Ness.  Van Ness turns into South Van Ness.  Turn left on 19th and right on Folsom. 
Wallenberg – 40 Vega Street. Take Geary to Masonic.  Turn left on Masonic.  Take Masonic one block and turn left (behind the old Sears Mall).  Go one block and turn right and proceed to Vega.  Wallenberg plays some games at off-campus sites
Washington – 600 – 32nd Ave.  Take Geary west to 30th Ave., turn left, go one block to Anza.  The gym is through the driveway on the right after Anza Street.  Enter the driveway.  Enter the building on your right hand side and go up one flight of stairs.

Directions To SF Rec & Park Facilities


Kezar Pavilion
Stanyan Street at Waller Street

Balboa Park
Sundberg and Sweeney Diamonds– Baseball
(George Wolfman Ballfields)
San José Ocean Avenues
Two softball fields on San José Avenue side
Big Recreation Ball Fields (at Big Rec)
Graham and Nealon DiamondsBaseball
Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive 7th Avenue
In Golden Gate Park
Crocker-Amazon Playground
Moscow Street Geneva Avenue
Soccer pitches located off of Geneva Avenue on east portion of playground
--Softball only field - #5 nearest to Moscow Street and Geneva Boulevard
--Baseball fields (Marino Pierretti - #1 nearest to parking lot; #2 near Geneva Avenue east of Prague Street; #4 in back below Dublin Street)
--Dual use field - #3 - across from fire house on Moscow Street
Franklin Square
16th St. Bryant St.
--field turf soccer field only
Jackson Playground
Arkansas Mariposa Streets
Kimbell Playground
O'Farrell Steiner Streets
Margaret Hayward Playground
Lang Field
Gough Golden Gate Streets
McCoppin Square
22nd Avenue Santiago Street
Moscone Recreation Center
Hennessey and Garrigan Diamonds
Bay Laguna Streets
Ocean View Recreation Center
Montana Street Plymouth Avenue
Palega Recreation Center
500 Felton Street
Potrero Hill Recreation Center
Arkansas Madera Streets
Rolph Playground
Potrero Avenue Cesar Chavez (Army) Street
Rossi Playground
Arguello Boulevard Anza Street
One-half block south of Turk Street on Willard Street North
Silver Terrace Playground
Silver Avenue east of Bayshore Boulevard
Sunset Recreation Center
28th Avenue Moraga Street
West Sunset Playground
41st Avenue Quintara Street– Erle Field #1
41st Avenue Pacheco Street-- #2
Softball: Behind the library, basketball and tennis courts at 39th Avenue Ortega Street

Balboa Pool
San José Avenue between Havelock Street Santa Ynez Avenue
Hamilton Pool
Geary Boulevard Steiner Street
Rossi Pool
Argüello Boulevard Anza Street
Sava Pool at Larsen Park
19th Avenue Wawona Street

Balboa Park
San Jose Ocean Avenues
Dolores Park
18th Dolores Streets
Golden Gate Park
In Golden Gate Park next to Sharon Meadow at JFK Drive Bowling Green Drive

Golden Gate Park
46th Avenue Fulton Street (in Golden Gate Park)
Lincoln Park
34th Avenue Clement Street