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Dress Code

Dress/Appearance Standards

Students shall dress appropriately for daily attendance
at school.  If special circumstances in adhering to this policy
should arise, please contact the individual school’s
principal for assistance. The type and style of clothing
(except for schools with uniforms) and hairdo are
individual and personal. The school shall be
concerned only when these are extreme and could
cause school distraction or disruption or be unsafe.

Examples of inappropriate clothing include:
• garments where the torso is exposed, i.e., tube
tops, half shirts, halters.
• clothing or buttons which show obscene words or
pictures, or sexually suggestive statement.
• hats, hair covering or hair curlers worn in school.
• clothing related to juvenile gang-related activities.
• garments where the entire thigh is exposed, such
as micro minis or short shorts.
• bathing suits, gym shorts, physical education
clothing, jogging shorts, cut-offs, and flimsy, silky
or plastic shorts.
• the wearing and carrying of tobacco promotional
items - in order to discourage and reduce the
illegal sales and furnishing of cigarettes and
tobacco products to minors.
• sagging pants (where undergarment is exposed).